That’s not how this thing works.

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Tomorrow you will not be happy.

The machine isn’t designed for your happiness. No matter which candidate wins, your brain won’t want the happiness of the victory as much as it will crave the desire to be angry at the Other Side.

Your brain has been trained by Fox News…

How you can score your dream interview with little experience or name recognition

Former NFL star DeMarco Murray and Ben Schwartz. Source: Video Screenshot.

I am a nobody. I have very few followers on social media and no one would recognize me in the streets. While I have written for some big-name publications, I’ve never won any awards or done anything that might make my name instantly recognizable to you or a publicist.


But some do.

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As a country, we don’t need football.

We said we needed baseball, basketball, and hockey. But did the pandemic go away with their arrival? Has watching sterilized versions of each sport fixed the economy?

Of course, they have made us happier. They’ve taken up our time and given us something…

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Climb to safety, you and me and the baby
Send our thoughts and prayers to loved ones on the ground
And as the days went by we just stopped looking down, down, down
The world’s on fire and we just climb higher
’Til we’re no longer bothered by the smoke…

Laziness and cowardice are two of the greatest enemies of the spiritual life. And they are most dangerous of all when they mask as “discretion.” — “Thoughts in Solitude” Page 22

It’s no small irony that my post about laziness is a few days later than I wanted it to…

One of the greatest songwriters that has ever lived passed away this week after contracting COVID-19. John Prine penned classics like “Hello in There”, “Angel from Montgomery” and “Sam Stone.”

Maybe you’re not a music buff or not a big Americana fan and you aren’t familiar with Prine. Let me…

Read the first piece in this series based on passages .

The pleasure of a good act is something to be remembered — not in order to feed our complacency but in order to remind us that virtuous actions are not only possible and…

Thomas Merton was a Trappist Monk in the 20th Century whose autobiography The Seven Storey Mountain sparked a revolution that saw many young men in the late 1940s forsake their former lives to become monks themselves. He grew up in a very secular and worldly household, living all over the…

And then this angel girl played

Death Cab, Radiohead, Leonard Cohen

And I wept silently

beneath my sunglasses

She smiled softly

as I wiped my tears

And we floated

across the sound

The rain lashed

and the waves crashed

And when we docked I left

a piece of me on that ship

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a woman on a train in North Wales

Loads of sugar in her coffee

Lots of sex in her magazines

On her third husband by 35

Guess a good man is just hard to find

“Im not diabetic” she protests to her friend

“I only read it to keep up…

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Writing advice, poetry, and opinions on religion, sports, and life.

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