I felt a crunch

I was in the backseat

Jake was driving

There was a dent a few feet below the big white words

“Student Driver”

Jake was 17 or 18

Just now learning to drive

Too busy with music and soccer

I wasn’t really good at anything

I was 15

I had time to learn to drive

She was really embarrassed


The Driver’s Ed teacher

A Calvinist

Was very calm and matter of fact

He didn’t care if he lived or died

She must have been predestined to hit us

Unfortunately for her

Allstate is Arminian

Jake was in a band

The Replacements

No, that’s an 80s band

The Waterboys

Shoot, that’s an Adam Sandler movie

The Benchwarmers

That’s it

Wait, that’s a David Spade movie


He eventually got a bunch of tattoos

And moved to Nashville

He’s got a new band


And he’s been part of a huge band

Relient K

They sing Sadie Hawkins Dance

My wife used to work with a guy named Johnnie Hawkins

Every time she brought him up I sang that song

Johnnie Hawkins claimed he’d never heard it

I think he’s a liar

Sometimes I forget why we are even Facebook friends

I doubt we ever spoke before or after that shared ride

We were only connected by accident

An accident

Writing advice, poetry, and opinions on religion, sports, and life.

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