a woman on a train in North Wales

Loads of sugar in her coffee

Lots of sex in her magazines

On her third husband by 35

Guess a good man is just hard to find

“Im not diabetic” she protests to her friend

“I only read it to keep up with the trends.”

“Marcus was nice, but irresponsible”

“Couldn’t keep a job or put down the bottle”

It’s not her fault, this wasn’t the plan

She gets through life any way she can

She does what she wants and it serves her well

She’d rather die early than be alive in hell

“Enough about me, let’s get to work.

Here are the kids who have been hurt

We have to get them into good homes

It’s our job to make sure they aren’t left alone”

She rescues orphaned kids for a living

Her life’s work is about giving

She’s helping children from eight to five

But still doesn’t know how to be alive

Writing advice, poetry, and opinions on religion, sports, and life.

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